MicroCement is a material made up of liquid polymers and a specialised cement mixture. With the inclusion of specially selected pigments, almost any colour can be obtained giving the look, feel and appearance of polished concrete. Each application is unique, created by hand by our professional team.

The seamless application of MicroCement makes it an easy surface to clean. Without joints or grout-lines within the material, cleaning MicroCement with natural soap based cleaning agents will ensure a long and durable life for our finishes. Keeping floors and surfaces clear and clean of grit and dirt will help maintain a beautiful finish for many years.

Walls, floors, ceilings, and any surface you can think of could have a MicroCement finish. The construction of the surface will have an influence on the suitability of using MicroCement, however we will advise and guide you throughout your project to give the best results.

Micro Cement is the innovative evolution of Polished Concrete. Micro Cement (or Micro Cementing) is the modern name for Polished Concrete, and at only 3mm thick it is a more sustainable alternative to using traditional polished concrete techniques.

The surface applied sealers and sealants used after the final coats of our MicroCement have been installed, make it a waterproof and durable finish. A variety of sealing options can be used ranging from matt, to satin, to gloss – all of which give a long lasting and hardwearing surface.

This is mainly influenced by the amount of MicroCement to be installed, as well as the intricacy of the design. However 5 to 6 days should be allowed for the installation to be completed.

A wide range of stock colours are available – take a look at our colours page to see the ranges available. We can always adjust the saturation of our pigments to create a custom and individual colour for your MicroCement surface.

Yes you can MicroCement over tiles, however this will require more preparatory works to be carried out before MicroCement can be applied to the surface. MicroCement can be used to re-coat existing tiled surfaces.

That depends on the price of the tiles that you are comparing to MicroCement, as well as the total amount of square meters involved in the project. MicroCement is a high-end finish and will be in a higher price bracket than traditional tiled surfaces, with the average price starting at £120 per square meter for a MicroCement finish.

Yes, MicroCement works well with under floor heating systems. The inclusion of cementitious material and quality polymers make it an extremely stable surface finish designed to work in conjunction with these systems.

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